Artifacts are an expression of a particular culture’s views, values,or ways of life. They’re personal. They embody and tell aspects of that culture’s story that are relatable and are intrinsically valuable for that reason. Artifacts not only stand out, they withstand the test of time. Excellent design and packaging are artifacts of a brand.

We want to partner with you to craft your brand’s artifact.



We listen and design to tell your story. Let your brand identity, not our style preferences, do the talking. Styles and trends come and go - Your story has a longer shelf-life. 


What're your values and aspirations? Who's your customer? What do you want to say? What kind of connection do you want to create? Let's partner together with you in the saddle toward a design that’ll add value and serve. 


Canvas to shelf expertise with a push-the-limit attitude resulting in design that stands out and makes a statement on the shelf. 


  • Wooddell Design Co.’s methodical and measured approach to evaluating our needs gave us a better perspective on how brand identity should drive growth. Armed with that, WDCo was able to completely revamp our line. This not only wove a consistent thread of brand identity through our existing products, but gave us a very clear structure and aesthetic for future innovation. With this, we’ve exceeded even our most optimistic sales projections, acquired new customers and new business at a rate that our sales team can hardly keep up with. The work is not only of the highest quality, but Wes is a phenomenal partner in the design process, patient when he needs to be, but fast and efficient when timelines require it.
    — Dan Brooks, Bard of the Brand at Vital Farms
  • Wooddell Design truly gets branding and packaging, and they understand the concepts that drive consumers to your brand. Wes listens to your thoughts and ideas and then turns them into a product. Their direction and ideas are equal if not better than big, expensive agencies. WDCo played a pivotal role in defining new products and optimizing existing ones at LIVE. Their input helped drive revenue growth by expanding distribution with new products and increasing velocities in existing products. Wes is a superstar and I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.
    — Trevor Ross, Founder & CEO of both LIVE Soda and Boundless Nutrition (OatmegaBar, Perfect Cookie, and Undercover Veggies)
  • Wooddell Design was an integral part of the design and packaging architecture. Their knowledge helped clearly identify and differentiate our products lines and make each stand out on shelf at the retailer. The best thing about them is that they will educate you and explain the reasoning behind every decision and move that is made. Wooddell Design made a packaging nightmare enjoyable.
    — David Lalley, Director of Marketing at LIVE Soda
  • The work that Wes and Wooddell Design provided Sanctified Spirits was spectacular and exceeded every expectation. We knew we would need a well designed package and an authentic brand to compete in a very crowded whiskey category. What Wes delivered was exceptional. From the name of our whiskey, Oak & Eden, to the story behind the brand, to the package design and the overall aesthetic of our point of sale, Wooddell Design delivered perfectly. I would not change a thing. I would highly recommend Wes and Wooddell Design.
    — Joseph Giildenzopf, Founder of Sanctified Spirits
  • A successful brand, such as Twin Springs, will draw constant competition. We felt we needed a fresh new label to retain and grow Twin Springs’ market share, so we asked Wooddell Design to design an eye-catching label with great shelf appeal, one of the most important factors in sales is the label. WDCo designed an elegant, eye catching label which over-delivered for the wine’s price point, which in turn helped Twin Springs maintain its growth. Wes is wonderful to work with and very talented!
    — Susan Auler, Co-Founder of FALL CREEK Vineyards
  • We went through 11 different professionals before landing on Wooddell Design. What luck. Luchador gets great packaging reviews in its industry and has landed 99.9% of all showings. With a good product and great look we are now in 5 states and have a national contract with RNDC. Wooddell's service and help with trademark and the changes needed was priceless.
    — Adam Gonzales, Co-Founder of Luchador Margaritas
  • Wooddell Design has been tremendously helpful to our business and a delight to work with. Wes and his agency listen well and make sure they really understand the brand and products, then bring very creative ideas and insights about through effective, artistic communication and product packaging. The tag-lines they developed for the brand were a testament to how well they listened and understood our brand voice. When we rolled out our new packaging, we were told many times by store employees that it was the best on the shelf — even in comparison with all the national brands!
    — Paul Morris, Founder & CEO of Whole Note Baking Mixes